ALANA is a Berlin based artistic productions company, founded in 2022.

In ALANA we question the current social affairs by offering a safe space that holds numerous potentialities of being, connecting and becoming - both in individual and collective context. We highlight the meta-emotional terrain of our fast-paced times, the visibility of our sentimentality, the de-demonisation of one’s feelings and the sοcio-political shape of our emotions. 

We adopt diverse perspectives of the outsider, the shamed and the ostracized, reclaiming of past myths and stereotype imaginations, encouraging the normalization of neurodiversity in everyday life, and celebrating vulnerability. Aiming to create new types of storytelling that include vibrant thematics such as the abstract definitions of gender identity and human sexuality, values like equal access to inherited joy and pleasure, we have as a dramaturgical beacon the cringe quote “The stronger your feelings, the stronger your magic”. 

ALANA aspires to evoke an artistic debate that challenges the suppressed human interconnection as an indisputable feature of the urban landscape, with the focus of how?

After all, as the word definition clarifies - ALANA is a vacant plot.

ALANA presents artistic performative projects that are grounded on three main pillars

Performance //  Dance // Theater // Interdisciplinary Arts

Community // Art Education // Participatory projects

Curation // pre & post-production

Yannis Karalis (he/they)

Choreographer //
Performer //
Cultural Manager

Artistic co-director ALANA

Petros Mandalos (he/his)

Theater maker //
Performer //
Theater educator

Artistic co-director ALANA

Dimitra Thomaidou (she/her)

Dramaturg //
Performer //
Cultural Manager

Artistic co-director ALANA


Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.  

Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH (GVL)